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About Canzell Realty

Effective marketing and strong negotiating skills are two reasons Chantel Ray, of Chantel Ray Real Estate continues to thrive in the competitive Hampton Roads marketplace. Nicknamed the “rainmaker”, Chantel entered the scene and created a team of specialists to assist in the complex real estate process. Since then, Chantel Ray, has designed a state of the art office for her team members to thrive in and has assembled arguably one of the most successful teams of professionals in the region, utilizing each other’s strengths while providing superior customer service.

Before Chantel became a real estate professional, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Virginia Wesleyan College and proceeded to teach at Cox High School for several years as well as serving as a children’s minister. However, when she went to buy her first home, she called several real estate agencies and no one called her back, with one agent finally calling her back 2 days later. She thought, there has to be a better way to do real estate and started to change the way real estate is done.

“I wanted to build a team of professionals where we could all work together and use our strengths more effectively,” said Chantel. She began to build systems in order to achieve her dream of creating the only REAL real estate franchise in the United States. Chantel Ray Real Estate creates a consistent and excellent customer experience, 100% of the time. Just like when you go to Outback and order a blooming onion, you will get it the same way every single time!

“It’s marketing, marketing, and more marketing,” Chantel stated. “Not only do I market my company, I market the homes I’m selling even more.”

Chantel is married to her husband, Rhyan, has a daughter, Shayla, and a son, Kyle.